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Redbridge Community Gardening

Community gardening application form

  • We are looking for gardeners from novices to horticultural experts to adopt community spaces and transform them into community gardens.

    These can be a few planters in a local street to a communal garden. Community gardens are the perfect opportunity for you to add colour to your neighbourhood, meet people in your community and grow your own plants and shrubs.

  • Contact details

  • Find address
  • Garden plan

  • Drop files here or
    If your application is successful we will require photos of progress every quarter.
  • Funding

  • If your application is approved we will provide a one-off set-up grant of £5 per m2. We will endeavour to help you secure additional funding from alternative resources. All funds will be paid to the lead gardener and are to be used for the garden specified in the application.

    Please list the equipment or plants that you hope to purchase using the grant.

  • Equipment or plantsUnit cost and quantityAny other comments 
  • Declaration

  • An approval email from the Council will be be required before undertaking any gardening work.

    A risk assessment and health and safety checklist template will be provided.