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Goodmayes and Chadwell Planting Registration

  • Redbridge was successful last year in obtaining grant funding to create and plant new street tree positions. The plan is to continue creating new tree positions to increase the street tree population and help create cleaner, and greener neighbourhoods.

    Roads in Goodmayes and Chadwell have been selected to have trees planted over the next few years. This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver the benefits of trees directly to where people live, to increase tree canopy cover and help combat the impact of climate change.

    During the summer suitable planting locations will be identified and then trail holes excavated to check the status of underground services. Once complete, planting will be carried out during the autumn and winter.

    Our website page will be updated with new information as the scheme progresses. If you would like to be alerted when there is an update for this planting scheme, please register by filling out the form.